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The VIDA Experience

~ Vision Inspiration Dream Action~

Moms are allowed to Dream Big too, you know!  I don’t just dream have a clean house and perfectly behaved kids, oh no! I dream BIG!  I dream of trust funds for my kids; I dream of financial abundance; I dream of giving to and serving others.  It only took some 30+ years of working for other people or companies or organizations to acknowledge that this path was NOT going to fulfill my dreams.   I followed my gut, my instincts, and my faith and stepped into the world of Mompreneurship.  

While building a network marketing team-selling products that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, I tapped into my passion for vision boarding. I realized that many of my younger team members had never really been exposed to the amazing power that an intentionally thought out, well-constructed vision board can hold. These women (mostly) were very active in following the latest motivational guru and riding the coattails (I’m guilty too! There are a lot of good ones out there!), but they were not putting strategies into practice.  That's when I starting teaching Vision Boarding.  

From My Casa To Yours

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