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My name is Mary and I help self-made leaders ( Yeah – You!) capture their life’s visions and manifest it through simple, holistic and tangible strategies to live your ideal life. I believe in working both heart and mind to reach our most authentic selves. I have put all my faith in my passions and talents to help people build a vision of their ultimate life dreams. 

I invite you in to my little tribe of positive vibes and feel good practices that will help you find your purpose, help you cultivate your dreams and aspirations and help you to begin living the life you have always dreamed of. 

Through easy yet thought provoking vision board workshops and other products that serve as foundations I can help you begin creating a better life for you and your family.

Inside my little Spanglish Casita, I will share how simple changes and every day practices changed my family for the better. We are healthier, happier and strive for so much more than we did before. I want to share it all with you! 

From My Casa To Yours

Blog written by Mary Merino


Whether you are looking to start a healthy home detox

or want to tap into the power of visualization with vision boards,

I am here to provide you the best of me so that you can be the best of you!

No obligation at all, just a chat to see if my services are a fit for you.