The VIDA Experience

~ Vision Inspiration Dreams Action~

Lets be real for a moment.  How many times have you

  •  Had a goal, written it down and then just lost track of it? Like it vanished until you realized some days or weeks later … “oh, yeah, I didn’t quite get there…hmm”.?  

  • Felt defeated for not keeping a resolution and losing faith in yourself and everything else?

  • Lost motivation or inspiration and revert to conforming to be less than you know you can be because, why bother?  

Well, there is a way to reignite that motivation and never forget a goal or a dream ever again!  Vision Boards – Ta-Da!  Vision Boards tap into the practice of Visualization, which is basically training your brain to act like the images it sees everyday.  Our brain BECOMES the images we put in front of it everyday. 

Well, there is a way to reignite that motivation and never forget a goal or a dream ever again

By creating a vision board that represents your goals and dreams you.

  • Turn on your brain to start acting as if you already have it, which changes your attitude, and how you pursue your job, business, and relationships – day to day to day-to-day life!

  •  Wake up and take in your vision board and remind your heart of the life you truly desire and live each day knowing what lies ahead for you

  • Know that each day you are living and working with purpose and intention and building the life of your dreams.

During The VIDA Vision Board Experience you will  

  • Acknowledge the EXTRAORDINARY that is already working FOR you in your life and that EVERYTHING you need is at your fingertips!

  • Understand how evaluating the core facets of your life will set you up for INTENTIONAL SUCCESS - without doubting your ability to create massive abundance

    ●  Unlock the POWER that lies inowning your dreams and aspirations to CREATE SUCCESS for yourself 

  • See first hand VALUE in creating a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of the LIFE you DREAM ofliving - and how it will begin to unfold before your eyes!



“creating a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of the LIFE you DREAM of living

So, want to start living as if you have fulfilled every dream you have for your life? Want to stop feeling the shame and sometimes embarrassment of not following through with a resolution or generic goal?  Want to feel more in control of your life’s dreams and goals?  Then you need to see it!  You need to visualize your life and create your ultimate vision board!  


Whether you’re business is a one-woman show or you led a huge sales team with a MLM or a small team in a real estate biz, you and everyone around you can benefit from doing The VIDA Experience workshop.  This is not your average Pinterest project – no way! This is a way to up level your business and your life!  This is coming eye to eye with your true self and creating the imagery that will inspire you and drive you to fulfilling your life’s dreams in a way you never have before! 


Let’s chat about it and get you started!!