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The VIDA Experience

~ Vision Inspiration Dream Action~

Lets be real for a moment.  How many times have you

  • Had a goal, written it down and then just lost track of it? Like it vanished until you realized some days or weeks

    later … “oh, yeah, I didn’t quite get there…hmm”.?  

  • Felt defeated for not keeping a resolution and losing faith in yourself and everything else?

  • Lost motivation or inspiration and revert to conforming to be less than you know you can

    be because, why bother?  

Well, there is a way to reignite that motivation and never forget a goal or a dream ever again!  Vision Boards – Ta-Da!  Vision Boards tap into the practice of Visualization, which is basically training your brain to act like the images it, sees everyday.  Our brain BECOMES the images we put in front of it everyday. 

By creating a vision board that represents your goals and dreams you

From My Casa To Yours

Blog written by Mary Merino


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