Ok, Te Cuento

(Ok, I’ll tell you)


Being a Mexican-American female entrepreneur or as I like to call myself #SpanglishMomBoss -married to a Peruvian from Australia in a small town in Texas with a small (very small) chicken farm, can be muy divertido (very amusing) to say the least. I embrace my crazy, Spanglish diverse life y me encanta compartirlo ( and I love to share it!)

So, Welcome to The Spanglish Casita!

Bienvenidos a La Spanglish Casita!

I believe The Spanglish Casita is a culmination of everything I have become and who I want to be. Mis pasiones, my passions. I have found a calling in several areas of my life that I love to share with hopes that I inspire others to make small, easy changes to their lives and to dream beyond what they ever imagined. Here in mi casita, I have embraced a simple & more natural life through the daily use of essential oils and I lead and teach others to do the same. The daily practice of visualization of my dreams and aspirations through Vision Boards has taught me how to focus and work towards my goals and dreams in a more intentional way, which I also teach to others.

All are welcome here, feel free to explore my casita. Todos estan bienvenidos a explorar mi casita.