The single most Powerful Question to ask yourself when creating a vision board


When I was a teenager, back when parachute pants and big hair was a thing, I remember having several magazine subscriptions because, well I am a product of the 80’s and magazines were our social networks!!   I loved reading articles on the best shampoo to use for curly hair, Hollywood gossip and taking personality tests .

This was also the time when personal development was going more mainstream.   Self help gurus were popping up, Hollywood was jumping on trends and we were all encouraged to ‘reach for the stars’.  All magazines did a great job in feeding us tidbits and morsels of how we can become better girlfriends, better best friends well, and just better people.  

Dream boards or vision boards were being mentioned by all the hot magazines with titles like ‘Make your dreams come true” or ‘what do you really want’? The short three to four paragraph article briefly and quite vaguely outlined the notion that by clipping out things that you want to have or be and gluing them on a poster board you could have it.  You could have it all!  

you could have it.  You could have it all!  

So as an impressionable teen, many of us spent time cutting out the Guess handbags, Jordache jeans, red convertibles and pictures of Kirk Cameron or in my case Mexican singer Luis Miguel (representing our ideal boyfriends, of course!)!  

So that's it.  We cut out pictures of things we were in awe of, things that were supposed to be our dream objects.  However, no one told us what was next.  Then what?  

I think this is part of the reason people automatically correlate vision boards with a craft project.  Without some kind of guide or outlined purpose, it is only a crafting project.  

Well, a powerful vision board is definitely not a crafting project!! It is your dream life in pictures!!

Studies now show that the practice of visualization for goal realization is extremely effective!  Visualization is the use of imagery to create a message, generally to oneself, about goals, dreams and desires.  

To put it simply, the more you see it the more likely you are to achieve it. 


So, how can you create your vision board so that you are fired up to reach your goals EVERY SINGLE Day?  

If you don’t have a Vision Board Coach ( ahem, I happen to be a Vision Board coach, by the way) then do yourself a favor and take the time to journal or write out freely the answer to this Power question:

“If I have all my goals realized, what is life like for me when I wake up in the morning unit I lay my head down to sleep again?”  Where do I live, how do I  live, what am I wearing, what do my finances look like, who is in my life, how do you spend my time?  

Write your story! This is a huge deal!  Write it, see it, feel it, smell it and allow yourself to believe it.

Write it, see it, feel it, smell it and allow yourself to believe it.

Once you have your story, decide what you need to do to start taking steps to get there.  Do you need a different job?  A new partner?  What changes need to happen for you to get closer to that life story?  Look at this from every angle…. Do you need to let something go or do you need to improve in some area of your life?  

Once you have done that soul searching, get ready to create the visual imagery that represents all of this.

Organize your images on your board so that they are not chaotic (when you see chaos you react chaotically); place your images in a manner that tells your story.  

It’s important to note that no one else needs to understand the images you have chosen – these are for you your eyes; they represent you and are not necessarily for the entertainment of others.  

vision-board pic 2.jpg

Finally, place your board in an area you will see everyday and often!  Behind your bathroom door, in your closet, where you put on your makeup, or even where you fix your coffee or smoothie in the mornings.  

Vision boards are a powerful tool that first of all, work like a charm and secondly, encourage you to live your best life.  Get up and get started today!

Need a Vision Board Coach to hold you accountable? 

I’m your girl! 


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