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Ooh, this is kind of intimidating, scary and exciting all at the same time!  I have a blog!! Yay!! Ok, so let’s get to know each other first.  My name is Mary or Maria or Chayito - whichever rolls off your tongue.  My birth name is Maria Del Rosario Garcia.  Yup.  I know.  It’s a family  name, both my grandmother and aunt share this name so it is a beautiful thing.  As my Mexican friends might know and my others friends might not is that Chayo, Chayito, Chayis is a diminutive of Del Rosario (a nickname). In my family I grew up as Chayis.  To this day I still have primos (cousins) that can’t  call me anything buy Chayis because it is who I am.  When I was in the third grade in a small town in west Texas, my teacher told me that since my first and last named rhymed just a bit too much  “Maria Garcia” and because there was another Maria in my class, she was going to call me Mary.  Umm, ok.  And just like that I became Mary Garcia.  I remember when my homework came home with Mary on it my mom said I had someone else work.  I had to explain the situation and with no further questioning I was Mary.  So, you see, I’ll answer to pretty much anything.  

I am a mom, wife, a daughter, a sister and a passionate hippie wanna be that tends to follow my heart and gut through this crazy life.  I’m  a chicken mama too with about 30 chickens in our backyard (let me know if you want eggs, ya’ll - huevos frescos!), 3 dogs and a cat.  So if you ask me what I do in any spare time, I’ll let you know what happens when I have some! LOL.

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So, what do I do?    Well, I do and share and teach about things that light my passion on fire.  For the last several years, I have been building an essential oil business that I absolutely adore!  Essential Oils changed my family’s life, allowed me to quit my full-time job in non-profit and stay home to be available for my now tween children.  I do classes and demos, teach people how to detox their home, body and life from unnatural chemicals and horrible crap that we encounter everyday.  I absolutely love this part of my business.  

Most recently, about two years now, while doing my own personal growth and development and hopping onto every free webinar about growing your business, using social media, finding your ideal client and so forth, I tapped into my love and passion for vision boards.  I have been doing these since I was a teen and find it so calming and relaxing but so invigorating and inspiring when you are in the right frame of mind.  Ahhh, that’s the key - the right frame of mind. 

I was recruiting people into my business and they needed some help with uncovering their ‘why’, as we all do sometimes. 

I decided that the best way I could explain how to figure out what you really wanted and desired in life was to do a vision board with them.  I found that as these people, mostly young moms looking to contribute financially to the household but not sure where their place in this world was anymore since becoming a mom, started going through this process I outlined, they were surprised at how little they really did think about their future life.  They thought about now and material possessions they wanted to afford to buy, but they could’t narrow down the feelings they wanted to feel while living their ideal life.  And then Bam! After going through my process, they were walking away inspired and eager to start this ideal life.  They worked their businesses with a different attitude and panache.  They were goal driven and focused.  Their mindset was different and it showed in their attitude.  So, as any good mompreneur would do, I decided this was a needed service across many facets, not just my builders in my business.   I started offering in home workshops, small groups for non profit teams, sales teams and our local chamber of commerce, etc.


So, now, here I am!  With a  BLOG! ha!  But in all seriousness, my goal is to make my vision board process - which is called THE VIDA Experience, accessible to all and to grow it far and wide.  The VIDA Experience has always been part of my vision board in someway, but it took me a while to read through my own cluttered thoughts.  Nonetheless, I am here now, with a program and ready to guide each one of you through this life changing experience. 

When I am not busy empowering others to live their best life, I take care of my family, my home, volunteer at the kids school, volunteer in the community through our local chamber of commerce and when we can, we help with  Meals on Wheels.  My friends or mom tribe is small but mighty and I love them all.  I love having Sunday dinners with the family at my parents house and having the grandkids ask questions about our family events or relatives no longer with us. 

I am an extremely passionate yet complicated,Mexican American Bilingual woman; I love my culture  but can’t cook well at all.

I love our history but we have little to no family left in Mexico so we do not spend time there.  I am married to  Peruvian who learned to speak English in Australia.  I’ll tell my love story later, but when we got married I did go to Australia and lived there for almost 8 years.  My husband is  a citizen, I became an Aussie and my children were born there.  So my kids are Aussie born/American Mexican and Peruvian living in Texas.  How much more diverse can I be?

I love my crazy, mismatched life.  I find happiness and joy in the small things and praise God for all the blessings we have.

I hope you stick around and watch this Casita grow.  Adios mis amigos.  Bye for now friends. 


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